We take great pride in our ability to solve unique and complex problems for our clients with respect, responsiveness and results. Thinking that you have or might have a legal problem can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. But you do not have face these problems on your own. You have a compassionate and empathetic advocate on your side. At E & L LLP we establish a personal relationship with our clients and guide them through the legal process.

We strive to provide our clients with complete privacy and confidence, competent and experienced representation, and compassion and understanding throughout the entire process.

On the Road: Compensating Work-Related Travel Time for Employees

Author: David Lavi, Esq. July 11, 2023 Following a period of reduced work-related travel caused by the pandemic, numerous employers are now arranging out-of-town sales meetings, conferences, and training sessions for their employees. In this regard, it is essential to understand the regulations governing the compensation of California employees...

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California Overtime for Truck Drivers

Author: David Lavi, Esq. Dated: June 29, 2023 California overtime laws for truck drivers can be incredibly intricate due to the existence of multiple regulations governing their hours of service. In an attempt to avoid overlapping regulations, the Legislature...

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My Employer Is Bullying Me

Author: David Lavi, Esq. May 18, 2023 How to Know Whether Your Employer is Bullying You Identifying whether you are being bullied by your employer can be challenging, as workplace dynamics and behaviors can vary. However, there are certain...

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Featured Testimonials

David Lavi has represented me and advised me on multiple matters in the past two years and thus far has proven to be brilliant on each case! I know that I can count on his ability to think outside of the box coupled with his extensive trial experience in a myriad of legal matters. He has successfully represented my close friends in a Personal Injury claim after a car accident. He has also represented another friend successfully in a child custody case. This guy is the real deal. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVID LAVI!!!! Thank you for everything!


It was wonderful to be able to work with Arie who showed genuine concern for my case and was efficient, informative and detailed in all aspects. He made the whole process easy and convenient and helped to instill confidence that my application would be successful, which is was. My sincere thanks to Arie for all his professional assistance on my behalf.

Great job by a great lawyer!

Mr. Ebrahimian is an attorney that I highly recommend, he answered all questions that I had about immigration laws and the legal process of dealing with visas by the U.S. Govt.' He is highly knowledgeable in his field of practice, and after seeing him, I left with a better piece of mind.

Reliable and dependable

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for attorney’s fees?

In our employment law and personal injury matters, we work on a contingency fee-based practice which means that our clients pay no attorney’s fees unless and until we recover for them. In our family law cases, we work on an hourly rate, and each case is different. We encourage clients to contact us for a no-obligation free consultation to discuss their case.

What is Wrongful Termination?

In California, a wrongful termination lawsuit is a legal action in which a worker claims he or she was fired or laid off for an illegal reason. This generally means a violation of federal or state law, or public policy. The most common claims are that the firing amounted to wrongful termination in violation (1) of an implied contract; (2) reporting a potential violation of the law; (3) for whistleblower activities; (4) exercising rights under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, such as opposing workplace harassment, discrimination, or failure to grant pregnancy/family lease; (5) for filing a worker’s compensation claim or reporting a work injury; and (6) exercising rights under California employee leave laws.

What is personal injury?

Personal injury is defined as an accident causing bodily injury that is caused by another person’s negligence. Personal injuries may result from a range of accidents. For instance, they may result from motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, dob bit accidents, intentional injury accidents, plane accidents, bus accidents or construction accidents, among other accidents. Medical malpractice and defective product also fall under personal injury category.

I was fired from my job. What do I do next?

If you have recently been fired form your employment, you may be entitled to monetary rewards. Gather any of your employment records that you may have, and call to speak to one of our qualified attorneys with a free no-obligation free consultation. We will inform you during our meeting whether you have a case, and possibly identify the type of recovery you can expect. But the longer you wait to schedule a consultation after your termination will reduce your monetary value that your case has.

I know my child wants to live with me. Can my child inform the court?

It depends. Although it may seem reasonable that a child’s preference in custody and visitation shall be given weight, in family court there are several restrictions. However, if the child is of an age where they can form an intelligent preference, and can express their desires in a meaningful way for the court, there may be an opportunity that the court may consider their requests. A child’s preference communicated to the court can be sticky, and may require the assistance of a private minor’s counsel.

How much child support should I expect to pay, or receive?

Child support is based on a calculated formula using a computer software, called a “Dissomaster.” The Dissomaster is employed by all Courts across California. Child support will vary in each case depending on each spouse (or partner’s) gross monthly income, the timeshare of visitation of each parent, and a few other criteria. Commonly, the Courts will consider the tax filing status of each parent, and deductions such as health insurance premiums, deductible interest expense, real property taxes, and spousal and child support paid from other relationships, as a few examples.

What is my case worth?

At E & L LLP Law, we strive to be honest with our clients about all aspects of their claims. At the outset of any claim, it is nearly impossible to determine the value of one’s employment law and personal injury case given the number of unknown variables. As your case progresses, we will be able to better evaluate the value of your file as certain unknowns become known.

Where do you have office locations?

We have office locations in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and San Diego.

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