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With an extensive network of bike paths, bicycle lanes, and recreational and competitive events for serious bicycle enthusiasts, Los Angeles offers a broad range of opportunities for anyone interested in bike riding as a fitness or commuting option. Unfortunately, too many motorists are still unaccustomed to sharing the roads and highways with bikes, and extremely serious and catastrophic injuries, even fatal or wrongful death, injuries can result from bicycle-motor vehicle accidents.

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A typical passenger car can literally barrel through a group of cyclists, causing serious injuries. Even when wearing helmets, bicycle riders are at extremely high risk of injury in collisions with automobiles because they are otherwise unprotected from harm. Internal organ damage, spinal injuries and broken bones are likely, and a cyclist may sustain head trauma even when wearing a helmet if he or she is struck hard enough.

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Helping Clients Recover After Bike Crashes

We can help bring a bike accident claim against a driver and/or another responsible party such as:

  • Motor vehicle manufacturers for unsafe auto design
  • Helmet manufacturers for product defects
  • State or local transportation agencies for unsafe road/highway design
  • Highway construction companies for improper maintenance or negligent construction
  • Commercial property owners for unsafe parking lot, sidewalk or driveway conditions

We can also help bicyclists injured in hit-and-run accidents. Our personal injury lawyers’ commitment to maximum physical and financial recovery through the identification and presentation of all claims against all possible defendants can mean the difference between a full recovery and a less than adequate settlement.

How Do Bicycle Accidents Often Occur?

Bicycle accidents can occur in just about any manner imaginable; however, there are certain types of bike crashes that occur more often than others. For example, bicycle accidents frequently occur at stop signs. This could occur because the cyclist pedals out into the intersection when a car has the right of way. In other cases, a bicycle with the right-of-way may be going into an intersection without a stop sign when a car approaches.

Other common “types” of bicycle accidents include the following:

  • Left Turn Accidents – This occurs when a motorist turns left in front of a bicyclist going straight. In this situation, the bicyclist could be hit from the side or run into the right side of the vehicle.
  • Right Turn Accidents – This occurs when a motorist swoops in front of a bicyclist when turning right at an intersection, cutting the bicyclist off. Generally, these accidents are the fault of the vehicle.

Regardless of how a bicycle accident occurred, if you have been injured, you should not hesitate to get the help that you need from a skilled bicycle accident attorney. At E&L, LLP, we represent injured cyclists throughout Los Angeles area and are ready to fight for you. Contact us at for your free case review.

Safety Tips for Los Angeles Bicyclists

More and more people are seeing the benefits of riding bicycles for pleasure and for commuting. While such methods of transportation are similar, there are certain unique safety challenges to riding safety bicycles. While riding a bicycle, an individual is open to external elements. Safety protection is limited and therefore riding can be dangerous if bicyclists do not follow safe riding practices.

To continue to bring awareness to bicycle safety and reduce bicycle accidents, we would like to share some important tips for everyone who rides a bicycle or shares the roads with bicyclists:

  • Be Prepared – One of the best things a bicyclist can do is be prepared. Bicyclists should make sure their bicycles are well maintained and in good working order, including effective brakes and properly inflated tires. A rider whose bicycle is in good shape helps reduce the chance for some mechanical failure to lead to an accident.
  • Obey the Law – Like drivers, bicyclists have laws governing their use of the roadways. They should obey all traffic signals and signs, ride with traffic rather than against it and use the rightmost lane when possible. Obeying traffic laws is not optional. These laws exist to prevent dangerous situations.
  • Be Smart – Being smart about one’s actions when riding a bicycle can often be the difference between avoiding a catastrophe and being in the middle of one. This is why bicyclists must make their intentions on the road clear so others who share the road are aware and can avoid an accident. Also, it is a good idea to wear brightly colored clothing so riders are highly visible, especially under less than ideal conditions.

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